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Good morning

office jatay aj o deri hobe, 11 tay jaowar kortha already 11:05. 28th floor tatay thaaky onek moja akash a kol ghasay thakay jay. porblem akta e office jaowar somoy lift ta asay bashi deri kore. lift a utlam 25th floor thakay ak vodro mohila tar chalay kay nia utchay dekhay bujlam kolikatan ma. Sundor akta jinish chokhay porlo ma tar chalay kay choclate vengay vengay khaiay dicchay nijay o khacche maje maje.

khatay na chailay na ma vat makhay khaowano suru koro, hattam ar khetam jokhon ar khatay chaitam na ma nijay e kheto. koto moja chilo oi vat. lift ar baccha takay khub hinsa hoccilo eto mojar choclate khatay dekhay.


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Bad lunch

Went for lunch in a local hotel near to my office. Sat one corner. See two boys are taking lunch one may 6 years old another one 8 years old. May they are brother. Both are wearing same school dress. The beautiful scene was elder one it helping his brother to eat fish and some time he is taking rice from his plate to his brother’s mouth. It may common scene nothing special. Have i ever done it? May sometimes I have? Same school dress, one cycle, lunch together. I really miss my younger brother.
–that was a bad lunch , may not that was bad lunch. Previously I ate there their food quality is good. Why it was a bad lunch??

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