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rectangle XAML

i was in fun with XAML, sharing some of my rectangular XAML codes with you.

<Rectangle x:Name=”rectangle” Stroke=”Gray” StrokeThickness=”1″ Fill=”LightYellow” Width=”50″ Height=”50″ />
<Rectangle x:Name=”rectangle” Stroke=”Gray” StrokeThickness=”1″ Width=”50″ Height=”50″ >
<LinearGradientBrush StartPoint=”0,0″>
<GradientStop Color=”White” Offset=”0.0″ />
<GradientStop Color=”Gray” Offset=”1.0″ />
<Rectangle x:Name=”start” Stroke=”Gray” RadiusX=”10″ RadiusY=”10″ StrokeThickness=”1″ Width=”50″ Height=”50″>
<Rectangle x:Name=”decision” Canvas.Left=”15″ Height=”40″ Width=”40″ Stroke=”Black” Fill=”LightYellow”>
<RotateTransform Angle=”45″ />
<Rectangle Canvas.Left=”10″ Height=”40″ Width=”40″ Stroke=”Black” Fill=”LightYellow”>
<ScaleTransform ScaleX=”1″ ScaleY=”1″/>
<SkewTransform AngleX=”-15″ AngleY=”0″/>

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To introduce Microsoft Expression Blend need to go for some video tutorial. Here are some introduction video tutorial for Expression Blend

1. Video tutorial 1

2. Video tutorial 2

3. Video tutorial 3

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