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Editable Gridview in ASP.NET 2.0

Editable gridview

This article will give you a overview how can we use a asp:gridview completely and how to use RowEditing, RowUpdating, RowDeleting, RowCommand, RowDataBound, RowCancelingEdit and Pagination in datagrid. From this article you will have a clear view of gridview data insert, delete and update.

Here is the full description and code of that article http://www.codeproject.com/KB/webforms/Editable_GridView.aspx


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Keep Popup Window always on top

At the time of web page development i got a very bad problem, popup window is not coming always on the top of the page. But this is my client requirment i have to do it. This was really a bad experiance. After searching i got the and sharing with all. Just add this in your popup page BODY tag

<BODY onBlur=”window.focus();”>

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Nested Master Page in VS 2008

Master page concept was introduced in asp.net 2.0 first. It is a very nice and famous feature in asp.net. Now a day’s most of the site developed in asp.net is using this nice feature. This is great news for asp.net developer that VS 2008/ dot net 3.5 gives support for nested master page.

In your web project add a master page as root master page and add master pages under that page. These child master pages will also have .master extension. Child master pages contain content controls that are mapped in the content placeholders of its parent master page. The child master pages also have its own content placeholder to show content of its child pages.

Plese read this article to get an example and complete idea on it.


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